Do you want to change your place or your pace?

I am one filming day away from wrapping my online 8-week chakra series, and I could not be more humbled, grateful and happy. It has turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t wait to share it with you in a few weeks! 

This week’s Love Letter comes from that process. Each week, I type out every single word I’m going to say in a script for the TelePrompter. Let me just say, there is so much amazing content to share in this class that this is no easy feat. So today, I was rereading over my script and found this... 

“I’m so honored you’ve journeyed with me and hope that you are finding yourself in a different pace from where you started.”

At first, I jumped at the typo. It should read place instead of pace but then, as you know by now, I took that simple typo further. 

When we do the work to get ourselves in a different place- emotionally, physically, or energetically, we find ourselves at a different pace too, don’t we? 

When so much of us shifts and changes, we don’t just sit in the same place but we move at an improved pace, whatever that improvement may look like. When we lose weight, we are able to run faster. When we meditate more, our natural pace of emotion slows, and we take life moment by moment. When we take our energy to a different place, our response time and reflexes quicken. 

Like most things, I think you can reverse engineer this. Stuck in the same place? Can’t move forward? Change your pace first then. Meditate even if it feels like you’re pretending. Start exercising even if it's tough.. Start expressing your feelings. Set a different pace for yourself. You will never reach a new place without changing your pace.

Afraid to change your pace?  Change your place then. Leave that job you’ve hated, that unhealthy relationship that drains you or that toxic friendship that exhausts you. Watch what happens when you shift places. Your pace will shift too. 

For those of you in relationships who are looking to repace your relationship , check out this great video entitled,”The Tale of Two Brains.” It’s a hilarious talk on how men and women’s brains function differently and does a great job teaching with humor. This video is truly a pace setter!, 

Whether you change your place or you change your pace, take a moment to find the area in your life that needs shifting and decide from which direction you’d like to approach it.

Be brave enough to shift your pace or your place to bring in the life of your dreams. The best version of you can’t wait to meet you there. 

Much love,

Erin Garay