Where's Your Labyrinth?

Here's a picture of me in Maui.


One day on vacation I sent my family off to zipline, and I decided to adventure on my own. I needed to honor where I was at in my heart, and ziplining was not going to be it.

I needed spiritual nourishment.

So I climbed over the rocks at Kapalua Bay and came upon this labyrinth. When I arrived, there were tons of people there and teenagers jumping all over the labyrinth. This scene did not match the romantic vision I had orchestrated in my mind of serenity and nourishment.

So I waited. 

I sat on some nearby rocks and prayed. I prayed about the clarity I hoped to receive while walking the labyrinth, and I set intention for clear listening and receiving of guidance.

Then, something magical happened. 

A woman approached me and asked if I was waiting my turn for the labyrinth, and I explained that I was waiting for it to calm down. Then she showed me her arm. She had a tattoo of a labyrinth on her arm. She understood how important it was to keep this space sacred, so we talked and waited together. 

A few minutes later, I looked around and everyone had disappeared. There had been probably 20 people around and then, all of a sudden it was clear, calm, sacred.

It was perfect.

This woman and I walked the labyrinth together and it was so sacred, so beautiful, and all that I had hoped it would be. 

Nourishing, strengthening, revitalizing. 

And what I came to realize was this...

I had to wait for what I wanted. I had to trust it would come. I had to believe it was on its way. 

Maybe a little much for a simple walk through the labyrinth but, as with all things, the labyrinth represents everything in our life.  

How we do one thing is how we do everything. 

Where in your life could you be served to sit on the rocks and pray for a while before moving forward?
Where are you rushing into things, perhaps pushing your own agenda, instead of receiving the natural blessings that are on their way to you? 

What's the labyrinth in your life? 

The perfect moment is on its way to you too. It may just require a few moments of stillness first.
Are you willing to wait on the rocks until its ready?

Trust you will know when it's time to walk the labyrinth. 

I can't wait to hear where you've experienced this in your life too. Be sure to join our community on Facebook and Instagram and share your labyrinth story.  

Much love,

Erin Garay