How is intention showing up in your life?


My daughter started high school this year without knowing anyone, really, and is still working on finding her tribe. Honestly, I think it's more nerve-wracking for me than for her. It's been a great journey for me of remaining unattached to what the "ideal" high school experience is for anyone. And isn't the one we are experiencing our own ideal anyway? I digress...

Back to intention... in helping her discover for herself who could be a part of her tribe, I had her do a simple intention exercise. I told her to just "think" about the people she'd like to be friends with at school. All she needed to do was list their names in her head, think about them and intend to be their friends. I told her that if a friendship with them was meant to be then the universe would create ways for connection.

I had her do this in the evening of one school night. 

The very next day at school, she came home to tell me this story... 

She is a part of the Yearbook club and she thought they were supposed to have a meeting at lunch. She went to the assigned room and there were only two girls in the room, looking through and sorting through make-up day pictures. They invited her in and the three of them had a great time laughing and working on placing the revised pictures into the yearbook layout. 

And so I asked her...."Were those girls on your intention list?" 

I'm sure you can guess her answer. 

They were both on her list and instead of it being a large meeting where no connection would be made, the universe created this intimate situation where the girls could get to know each other, laugh and connect. 

It is that easy. 

Intention is everything.

Our life is merely a series of our intentions made manifest. 

What do you want to intend today? What is your intention for the week? What is your intention for 2019? 

Take one minute today and set a specific discernible intention so you will know when it shows up. List it in your head and allow the universe to create the opportunity to make it happen. 

One of my intentions for this year is to offer amazing on-line courses.  If you haven't had an opportunity to purchase Empath Tools 101and take back your power and your space from crowds and suffocating relationships, be sure to purchase it before midnight tonight, 1/6/19.  The New Year's sale ends at midnight!  

Here's what one of my students sent to me this week that just purchased it. She has listened to the meditation every single day since receiving the course and had this to say: 

"Wow! One hour of powerful, enriching, healing learning. I watched these videos with no knowledge of chakras or auras or grounding, and by the end, was able to use the tools to protect myself in an ongoing stressful situation. I can't recommend this enough." ~J.R. 

These tools and techniques changed my life, and I'm so happy to finally be sharing them with you. I can't wait to hear how this 30-minute course and powerful 15-minute meditation changes your life too! 

Cheers to your intentions manifesting effortlessly and standing in your power and owning any room you walk into this week.

Much love,

Erin Garay