How 1 client changed how I see vulnerability

I see so many children and teens in my practice. They bring such a joy to my day. I think it is so amazing to bring this type of awareness to these young souls. 

This week, one of my youngsters felt really nervous about sharing what was bothering him. He felt so nervous that he zipped up his hoodie jacket and hid in his jacket but still wouldn’t talk. So I got into my jacket and told him I loved jacket talk and that some of my best conversations took place here. 

Then something magical happened. 

He opened up and shared everything. He felt safe and unjudged.

I met him where he was at. 

It got me thinking, as many things do, how we as adults could benefit from this jacket gabbing. So often, we feel ashamed how we feel and by talking in the dark, we can be more vulnerable and share more. 

Adults call it pillow talk. 

Teens aren’t just trying to skirt bedtime. They just finally feel safe enough to share. 

I have another client who talks to her kids in a dark closet as their conference room so everyone feels safe to be vulnerable.

What if we could “feel” this type of protection and safety without being in the dark? 

There is a way... 

After grounding your energy, imagine a beautiful pink bubble around you. This magical little bubble will help you to feel safe and secure and only feel love around you. 

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I look forward to hearing your stories of how this helped you feel safe enough to be vulnerable in your closest relationships. 

Much love,

Erin Garay