The Universe Always Provides


Yesterday, I was invited to speak at this incredible Launch event for a tremendous company, Rockit Wear. This company empowers women and these new events are bringing women together to be empowered and to give them a place to connect. I was honored to be their speaker. 

The venue was beautiful and as women started to arrive, you could feel the energy in the room rise. The women who were walking in had the most incredible energy and each one had a story of how they saw this event "at the perfect time." Because that is how the Universe works. When you are ready for something, it shows up. It always provides. 

Good thing too! Because I have never been more grateful for its abundant giving and support than I was at this event! 

You see, before we sat down to lunch, (I was slotted to speak right after lunch.) I went to the restroom to do my pre-talk 5-point inspection routine. I check my hair, lipstick, mascara, run through my opening and closing and ground my energy. To my surprise, as I was going through my checkpoints, I looked in the thankfully long mirror and saw that I had a hole in my black pants, just below the zipper allowing my light colored panties to be on display! 

I gasped, "What am I going to do?"

The event had started. People were beginning to sit. I couldn't leave.

So here's how my thought process went...

"Do I have a hotel sewing kit in my purse? No, but I'm adding one as my point 6 inspection, now."
"What could fix this?"
"Hmmm. Oh, black underwear would totally fix this situation."
"Great idea, Erin. But where are you going to get black underwear?"
"Wait a minute!!  Black underwear!!! You are speaking for a company that MAKES powerful underwear!!!"

Turns out, RockIt Wear makes incredible empowered panties with printed words on them-"Grateful" ,"Badass" ,"Survivor"

And I cannot even put into words how much abundant gratitude for just how detailed and good God is at providing that overflowed out of me in that moment. Sheer bliss! 

God had literally provided me with exactly what I needed.

So I rushed out and found RockIt Wear's amazing owner, Julie.  Told her what happened and was given a pair of these amazing Badass panties to give my talk in.  
 I did indeed feel Badass.

 Mostly because I was reminded with physical proof that we are ALWAYS taken care of.

 All of our details are always worked out and we are always provided for in every circumstance, even if it's not how we think we want it.

If you're in a moment where you feel unprovided for, take another look at your situation.  Where could there be a blessing? Where could the shift of this situation lead to a blessing? Or where have you received your physical proof that you are being provided for in this very moment?

You are always provided for and they say, "God is in the details" for a reason. Trust. Believe. Know. 

I love these stories and really can't wait to hear how you have been provided for in your life!  

Much love,

Erin Garay