You are wired to seek awe and to believe in the sacred."~Caroline Myss, PH.D.


At least ten years ago, I borrowed The Anatomy of the Spirit  from a friend and felt like the wisdom from this book just spoke to me. It felt like pure truth to me. I had such a visceral response to it, my friend insisted I keep her book because it was so clear that I had a connection to it. 

So when Caroline Myss, PH.D. was speaking 10 minutes away from me, I was not going to miss it! I was so incredibly moved by her teachings and wanted to share some of her wisdom with you here. Her messages will be in italics below, either precisely with quotes or summarized without. 

"Something inside you longs to say, 'I was born with meaning. I cannot be meaningless.'" 

We each have meaning, a purpose, a reason to be here. When we can let go of what we believe is supposed to be happening in our lives, we can receive what is meant to be...which is always far greater than our plan anyway. Don't be afraid.  There is purpose for everyone and you cannot miss it. 

If you are living with resentment from 10 years ago, how are you handling today? Where you have emotional anchors is where you will find yourself stuck. Where you make your choices shows you where your attachments and anchors exist. If you cannot act on something now based on an anchor in the past, you need to clear the anchor. The more anchors you have, the slower the laws of the universe goes. With anchors, you will heal at the speed of flesh, not the speed of light. Every anchor you have created adds psychic weight which creates psychic wait. 

Boom! I mean, she could've dropped the mic here although she drops plenty of these throughout her talk. We need to clean up our anchors and our attachments so that we can get on with our purpose. Take the time to figure out those attachments.  Review your daily choices and use them as a map toward figuring out what might be holding you back. Stay tuned.  This resonated with me so much I'm planning on building a workshop on this specific subject so we can schedule time to get this work done. 

The most precious thing you have is the power of your soul. 

Amen, girl. Amen.

What is the purpose of my life? This is a luxury question. Many of our ancestors couldn't ask this question. And is the most profound prayer ever. You are wired to be connected to the energetic worlds. You are wired to seek awe and to believe in the sacred. We are energy bodies and what makes it intimate is prayer. 

We are energy bodies that when that energy is stagnant, it will create blockages that turn into illness. Prayer takes us into this place of surrender, healing, trust and faith. All day long, we can be in one continuous conversation with God. God is in the details, and I truly believe He loves being involved in every detail of our day. 

The word deserve only causes torment and suffering. I don't deserve this? Says who? Who says you're so special that stories of humankind don't apply to you? Illness? Divorce? Death? Write a ten page paper on why you think this shouldn't happen to you. Why do you think it can happen to everyone else but not you? Are you that special?

Oh, this part was so true and so spot on.  Who do we think we are to believe that human experiences don't happen to us? It happens to us all.  Deserve implies entitlement. How are we above anyone else? We are all connected and all experiencing this existence together. What happens to one, happens to all anyway. Take a look at where you believed you were above your experiences and find the anchor.  It was this anchor that created the belief from the start. 

When it happens, don't ask God to mend your heart. It took so much energy to break your heart open. Ask God to bring whatever is supposed to be there Ask God to use your broken heart.

This was the most touching part of her talk for me.  That broken heart can be used to help so many.  She went deeper into the Dark Night of the Soul here, but I'll save that for a future letter. Allow the hurt and the brokenness to be used.  It has purpose.  Have faith it is there for a reason and it is being used to help yourself and others move to a higher place.

Everything is a blessing with your name on it. 

Life, the one we're writing a 10 page paper on, is a blessing. The challenges are blessings, as is the bounty. As we reposition how we view these obstacles in our life, we begin to see how truly blessed we are. 

Focus on the now. You are not allowed to practice scaring yourself. 

How often do we make a choice and then freak out what that choice may do to our life 5 years down the road and find all the many obstacles that could come from it and then change our minds back? Instead of believing that was Divine Guidance showering down upon you? Stay in the now. Stay present, connected and open to your Divine Guidance. Trust the guidance you are receiving. 

I saved my favorite quote for last: 

"Don't ever talk to yourself like you have a breaking point." 

God will always provide. You are an infinite soul connected to an infinite system. Remain tapped into the energy of the Divine and watch the many blessings held for you shower down upon you. 

Thank you, Caroline Myss, for sharing your wisdom, love and energy with us.  Truly abundantly grateful and so happy to share her wisdom with you. 

Much love,

Erin Garay