As your mom....I need you to know what I see in you.


As your mom, I need you to know what I see in you.

When I see the sheer exhilaration in your face when you've triumphed in a hard-played match by you and your entire team, my heart bursts with pride knowing you have practiced hard, played hard and are a solid teammate who gave it all to her team. 

It shows me you are a dependable team player. 

When I see you use nice manners, I burst with pride knowing that, at this age, it is not from upbringing anymore. Your proper manners show everyone that you not only respect me but that you respect the other person ...and most importantly...

It shows me that you respect yourself. 

When I see you stand up for yourself with confidence and poise with friends, at work and at school, I burst with pride.

It shows me you know your self-worth. 

When I see you defeated when you have given it your all and the situation still didn't turn out the way you had hoped, but you get back up and finish, improve, and never let those tears keep you down. Instead, you use them as ammunition to work harder.  I burst with pride. 

It shows me you are powerful and will never be a victim to your circumstance. 

When I see you connect with me as I abbreviate my texts for you and you spell everything out for me because you know I don't understand your abbreviations, I burst with pride the most. 

It shows me you know how special our relationship is and that we have our own way of communicating and connecting that no one else in the world needs to understand. 

It shows me how much you love me. 

These gifts you've given to yourself, dear one, are beyond any gift I could ask for this Mother's Day. They cannot be placed into a box, nor would I want them to be. I want these gifts to decorate your life. 

Continue to be strong and powerful and confident. You knowing your own self-worth, and living from that place, is the greatest gift a mother could ever receive.  

Happy Mother's Day! 

Much love,

Erin Garay