What A Journey For A Simple Pence Taught Me...


My daughter collects pressed pennies. Her collection has taken us on many adventures to secure that one coveted token from each city destination we’ve visited through the years. Her collection is truly amazing, not just in the pennies themselves but in the memories they hold.

Recently, her sights were set internationally. We had arrived in London and on our first full day touring we ended up at the London Eye.

She was thrilled to find a pressed pence machine!

And so began the adventure to secure this tiny little London treasure.

We didn’t have local currency yet so we first tried using the credit card token machine to no avail. Then we had to find local currency without a bank nearby and tried multiple places. We finally found an ATM and collected some pounds. At the same hotel, they only gave us change in smaller pounds, not pence. We were heading onto two different tours and were out of time to work on this project so I told her to manifest the final pence.

I told her, “Look on the ground and expect to find a pence. After all, God has brought you this far. He will provide you a pence.”

For the next hour, we watched the ground awaiting her pence to arrive.

Nothing showed up.

I told her to continue to have faith.


It was late when we finished our tours and were resolved to finally get change for our pounds to press our coveted pence. We walked into the store and a gentleman told us, “No.” Although the doors were open, they were no longer allowing customers in because they were closing. We tried to convince him that we just needed change but alas, we were denied entrance.

My tired heart sank and I thought to myself, “Really God? We’ve been faithful in knowing you would provide this tiny little pence and have been doing our part and still being blocked at every turn. Fine, I surrender. Where do you want us to go?”

And then this woman overhearing us said, “What do you need?”

A pence?

And reached in her wallet and handed us one. Just like that.

Just when it was seeming impossible after jumping through so many hoops, God manifested our pence through someone we weren’t expecting to show up in our life once we let go of how we thought it was supposed to show up.

How often do we continue to push ourselves to exhaustion thinking we are alone in the process? How often do we keep our eyes focused on only one solution? How often does a stranger, or someone you don’t expect, show up in your life and offer the perfect word, the right understanding or a pence?

And when it does show up, do you recognize God in that moment? In your next breath after that moment, do you give ridiculous abundant gratitude and recognize you are watched over down to the pence?

God is so good and always blessing us, even in our challenges. When we can let go of our attachment to how life is supposed to be and we can welcome in what is meant to be, we experience a life full of abundant blessings with every breath we take.

We are blessed always, but in true surrender, we receive them.

When we give abundant recognition and gratitude for those blessings, they just keep showing up faster and faster.

Take a moment to surrender to your own pence journey and watch who might just show up to help you complete it.

Much love,

Erin Garay