A Hedge Of Protection


Are you in a place where you find yourself praying for a hedge of protection? Over yourself? Over a child? Or perhaps a situation? 

 You are not alone. 

 So often, we find ourselves in vulnerable situations or filled with worry and pray for God’s protection and grace. 

 Recently, I came across this great video and have been using this as my prayer. It is so funny and a great visual prayer that has been working wonders in my life. 

MAMA’S HEDGE OF PROTECTION-10 second video-please watch-- so funny! 

I love that a simple prayer for just a hedge of protection can make all the difference. It doesn’t have to be total protection. A hedge is enough and sometimes smaller requests manifest faster because they feel more accessible to us. Begin with a hedge of protection and watch how quickly your life turns around. I have especially loved the visual prayer of this protection. Funny. Simple. Effective. 

Thank you God for your hedge of protection...especially when the Devil is chasing me down.

 Much love,


Erin Garay