How my stop at TSA became a spiritual experience


I obtained Global Entry years ago. It has been a time-saving luxury that has been so worth the effort to obtain it. I can’t even think of a time I haven’t had TSA pre-check since getting my card. Grateful!

Recently, I was flying through an airport and on an airline I never fly. Their tickets looked completely different than anything I’ve seen. So, I just assumed pre-check was on there. When I got to the security check-in, they told me I did not have TSA-pre-check and I had to go to the other line. I was kinda surprised but filed into line. Everything happens for a reason...and boy did it this day!

Part of what I love the most about pre-check is still being able to go through the simple metal detector. I knew by going through this other line I would have to get a pat down because I don’t want my sensitive energy experiencing the new security technology.

I filed in behind this lovely woman who I could just tell did energy work who was also waiting for her pat down. Her vibe was so calm and healing. We were told we were going to have to wait awhile so we got to talking. She herself used to own a healing center and teaches qigong. She asked me if anything hurt and then held my hand and told me everything that was causing the pain in my body. It was incredible. We shared how we felt like we could help each other in different ways and plan to reconnect in the future.

I fully believe in universal appointments and this one could not have been more incredible. I can’t wait to see what comes from this encounter.

I felt like the world was standing still through all the crazy of the airport security. This is what is called Kairos time- when you’re in the moment and time seems to stand still, even though time is continuing to flow. Amazing!

God is so good and brings people into our lives in the most Divinely perfect way. Our job is to remain open.

Have you ever experienced Kairos time while spending time with a loved one? Have you ever bumped into someone who you felt like you were destined to know? Did you remain open or shut down?

The next time you find yourself in a universal appointment, encourage your heart to remain open and watch the amazing blessing that walks into your life.

Much love,

Erin Garay