Wisdom from the CEO of YouTube & 23andMe's Mom


Recently, I came across this incredible article by Esther Wojcicki, mother of the CEO of YouTube, a Professor of Pediatrics and the CEO of 23andMe entitled, "I raised 2 successful CEOs and a doctor—here’s one of the biggest mistakes I see parents making"

In this article, Esther shares how she credits her daughters' success to her teaching them to serve and to help the world. This was the very same teaching I learned when I became a Grief Minister years ago.

When you feel down, help someone else.

We are simply unable to be unhappy when we are giving of ourselves to another. According to Mentalfloss' study, 7 Scientific Benefits of Helping Others, Americans who describe themselves as "very happy" volunteered 5.8 hours per month.

Even as I write this article, Super Soul Sunday is on in the background and Wayne Dyer is advising that to find true happiness, we must live from a place of, "How can I serve?"

For a year of my own life, every morning, I would pray and ask God, " How can I serve today?"

I would listen for an answer and received one every single day, without fail. I always did what I heard. I made dinner for sick friends. I called a friend. I wrote notes and I felt so incredibly happy. I'm not sure why this habit stalled. Maybe life got busy. Maybe my mind got busy. I think sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the sheer grace of God when we feel soo close to Him. It's all we want and crave and when we get so close, sometimes our self-worthiness questions whether we deserve that type of connection.

We forget, though, that we are that connection. We are God in human form...every single one of us and living as a servant to each other keeps us connected and happy.

Where do you find yourself unhappy today? How can you serve in that area of your life?

Unhappy at work? How can you shift your efforts to a feeling of serving, rather than working? Could you bring bagels to the office? Listen to a struggling co-worker for 5 minutes instead of rushing out of the coffee room?

Unhappy in your marriage? What could you do that would make your partner abundantly happy with no strings attached?

And sometimes serving can simply be a request to God to shower them with grace, healing and Divine peace.

This simple request changes your heart too.

Take a moment today to serve and watch how much your day and life begins to shift. I can't wait to hear your stories of how you are serving in the simplest and biggest ways! Join the conversation in our Facebook community.

Much love,

Erin Garay