Are you always the one leading the way? Here's why...


I read this article this week and it just hit home with me on such a deep level. Of course, Ram Dass nailed it when he wrote,

"It is up to the most conscious person in the situation to break the chain of reactivity."

Just by you reading this Love Letter, I already know you are conscious and aware of how your actions affect others. I know that you are constantly working on yourself to improve how you interact with yourself and others and through that process, you are learning how not to react to others. And is a process.

You've already learned, or are in the process of learning, that...

Other people's actions aren't your business.

Our job is to lead the way for others towards love, grace, empathy and non-reaction because we know that we can't control other people's actions. We can only control our own emotions and actions.

But it gets tiring sometimes, doesn't it?

To always be the conscious one leading the way. Sometimes, I feel like,

"Again, why me?"

(This typically always correlates with a time when I haven't taken enough time and care for myself.)

But I felt like this article was so well written. It is up to me to show people how to respond differently because I am, often, the most conscious person in the situation. Chances are, since you are a part of our community too, you are the most conscious one in your situation too. This is something to be non-ego driven proud and aware of :) because it takes many long days, nights and tears to work through your own layers. You have done your work and you should be proud.

Just to be clear...this is not to be mistaken for believing that because you've done some work that you are "better" than someone who has not opened one book on healing. We are all connected and by you simply helping yourself, you have helped another. This article is intended to help you not feel so alone in finding that you are always the person who has to lead the way towards peace. It's an honor you have earned.

Ram Dass' article continues on to say...
. . .
This is our work in the world. We are all living in incredibly reactive webs. If you push against it, it still has you. The art is to be in them, but not reactive to them. You can stay in a marriage in which your partner is not interested in what you value and begin to work with that vehicle for your own awakening by shifting your awareness from that of judging mind to that of an appreciating one. You will see that certain relationships have so much symbolic power for you, it’s very difficult for you not to be reactive. Somebody that is very sexually attractive to you, or somebody that is very powerful, or somebody that has a lot of money. Or if you are afraid of aging, somebody that is very old. Or if you are afraid of dying, someone who is dying. Or if you are strongly identified with your body, somebody who has a deformity.
. . .
I want you to be able to look at the people around you as the teachings that you need.
. . .

unnamed (2).jpg

~Ram Dass

Take a moment and look at where you react and to whom. Why? What part of you still needs to be emotionally desensitized so you aren't triggered by what they are doing so you no longer react to them?

The next time a situation presents itself and you have to take the lead, instead of feeling tired and "put upon," hold your head up high and recognize all the work you've done to heal yourself that has put you in this place to guide and lead others to this beautiful conscious state.

It is a responsibility that is so worth earning.

I can't wait to hear your stories and I know our journeys are tough. Be sure to keep up with your meditations and your sessions so life doesn't have to feel so challenging.

Much love to you,

Erin Garay