Have You Allowed Each Moment To Bless You?


This past week, I was on vacation in Maui to celebrate my wedding anniversary. On the anniversary day itself, I had my perfect day planned out. We were going to walk to breakfast and on our way to breakfast, we were going to reserve an umbrella and chairs on the beach to spend the day enjoying, swimming and lounging on the beach. It was so incredibly hot that it was practically necessary to have an umbrella.

However, when we asked for our umbrella, they had literally just given away the last one.

My family saw the look of disappointment on my face and I immediately said to them, "That's OK, I know God has something way better planned for us." They knew I had been talking about this beach plan for a few days. My heart was set on it. But, I have trained my thoughts so well that I knew that the Universe had way better things planned for us.

And it sure did... but I have to honest, it took our entire walk to breakfast for me to talk myself into it. I just kept telling myself, “Erin, you know God has something way better planned for you. Let go! Let God! It's going to be waaaay better than you were planning...as long as you don't get in the way of your own blessings. Allow each moment to bless you."

As soon as we arrived at breakfast, we got the last table outside right on the water which was breathtaking. Once we got back to our hotel, we made a plan that we would fully sunscreen, pack a super light bag and basically drop our bag and sprint through the blistering hot sand into the water....which we did.

What came next I would've never expected.

We were throwing a ball around and then all of a sudden, I was inspired to call out, "Monkey in the Middle" and my daughter and I who were in the middle started jumping to catch the ball my daughter was throwing to my husband. For the next hour, we laughed soo hard, made diving catches that plunged us into the ocean and jumped all over each other. It is now one of my ALL-time favorite family memories.

I've never been more grateful not to have a beach chair and umbrella.

God blessed us in a way we wouldn't have expected. He always does.

Have you ever been so attached to an idea that when it didn't come to fruition, you stewed all day and missed the blessing?

I certainly have. It's taken many years of mental training for me to remind myself that something better is always on its way to me and to watch for it.

And it is for you too.

The next time something inevitably doesn't go your way, pause for a moment and welcome in the idea that something better is on it's way to you. Train your brain to think this way and you will welcome in incredible moments every step of the way.

If you’ve been Love Lettering for awhile, you’ll remember "Something amazing is going to happen today."

Something amazing is going to happen today...especially when you let your own plans go.


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Erin Garay