How Will Your Mana Change The World?


While we were on vacation in Maui, we took the most amazing tour on an Outrigger canoe. I can not recommend Uncle Jamie enough at the Ali'i Maui Outrigger Canoes. While we were on the boat, we got to talking about what I do.

He said the Hawaiian word for spiritual energy is mana and proceeded to share the most wonderful imagery. He explained that Hawaiians believe that when you have good mana, you can walk into a room of people who have bad mana and your mana is so good and so strong that it shifts and changes all the mana in the room.

I absolutely loved his example and could not agree more.

How many times have you thought about an event and have become anxious because you were worried a particular person was going to be there? I bet there have even been times you might have considered not going to an event because you just didn't want to see that person. You let that person steal your power.

How much more powerful would it be to bring your own energy into a good place and walk into that party with spiritual power, grace, and a great big smile?

So powerful and so incredibly empowering.

One person makes a difference. Be the person who changes the vibe of the room.

The Universe even wanted to show you how powerful you are! I was
planning on writing on this topic all week and then this incredible meme popped up on my Facebook thread!


Boom! Mana image! Thank you, Universe!

Look how much this person’s mana changed the room.

Yours can too.

The next time you feel nervous about going to an event, think about how, instead, you can be the light that changes the room with a simple smile, a compliment or kind gesture.

Simple kindness changes the world.

Allow your good spiritual mana, not your fear, to escort you to your next party and begin to change the world one smile at a time.

Much love,

Erin Garay