Are You Answering Your Call?


Our Anniversary party was a huge success. Love. Heal. Thrive. was overflowing with students, teachers, love and community. I was so humbled and happy to see so many people connecting and sharing.

One story, in particular, caught my attention though.

A beloved student and friend whom I haven’t seen or spoken to in several years showed up. I was so excited. He said that he received my Evite and was wanting to attend but was unsure if he could pull it off, given it was a work night. With my Evite open on his computer, he received a call from me on his phone.

However, I hadn't intentionally called him.

My phone, the Universe, Spirit, my phone's own "operator" dialed him and all he heard was rustling.

He said my name a few times but did not get my attention. He took this as a Universal sign that he needed to attend the party.

He answered the call, physically and metaphorically.

He realized the connection between the two and knew it was a sign. As a result of him coming to the party, he reconnected with other old friends, had a wonderful time and he and I have agreed to work together.


God always guides us towards our blessings when we answer the call.

Where in your life have you received signs to move forward with something?

Did you answer the call?

Or did you ignore it and pretend you didn't notice the sign?

I’ve done both. It's OK. You are not alone.

But the next time you receive a sign, take a chance and choose to follow it and watch what happens.

My bet is that amazing abundance will begin to flow into your life.

It always does when we listen.

The Divine directs us all day long through signs, feelings and messages.

Embrace your signs with gratitude, answer your call and watch the life of your dreams begin to unfold.

I can't wait to hear about your signs, your calls and how you have followed them. Please share them all with our community on our Facebook page.

Much love,


Erin Garay