What's The Spiritual Meaning Of A Porsche?

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I can't wait to find out!!

For the past six months or so, I have been surrounded by Porsches.

I am not talking about one or two Porsches driving past me on the freeway. I am talking about that I will pull up to a stop light and there will be Porsches on all four sides of me- front, back, left and right. I will park in an empty parking lot and when I walk back to my car, there will be Porsches parked on all sides of my car- to the left, to the right and in front of my car.

I live in a nice area but there are certainly other cars driving around here than Porsches.

I know this is a sign from the Universe.

And while I have suspected and acknowledged this for months now, I received crazy confirmation this week.

I walked up to my doorstep and found THIS...

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Addressed only to me.

I'm not a car girl. I am not on a Porsche list. I certainly wouldn't turn one down but I am not longing for one. I literally walked up to my front door and this advertising package was sitting there.

The Universe is getting my attention, and I need to start listening.

When we see something, hear something, or witness something three or more times, it is a strong message to get moving in the direction of the message.

No, I'm not going out and purchasing a Porsche right now. If I came across a giveaway, I'd definitely enter my name. But the entire process may be more about the conversation I have with the person at the Porsche giveaway than it is about the car itself because the message is not necessarily about the thing.

It's about its meaning.

Here's how that looks...

The Porsche logo has a horse on it. In Feng Shui, the horse stands for power, energy and success. I am consistently using the Law of Attraction to maintain the highest thoughts possible and to manifest abundance.

The showing up of these Porsches is a great example of how the Law of Attraction works.

We can manifest abundance but it may not be that a million dollars shows up on our doorstep tomorrow. More often than not, you receive abundance in quality relationships, abundant energy, or repeated signs (in this case countless sports cars). As we acknowledge and give gratitude for the signs, even more abundance shows up. The energy of power and success is surrounding me. It often shows up as signs first.

You can think of it as breadcrumbs.

Your internal world defines your external world.

As you shift your thinking and attract more of what you want, it starts small and grows. Keep following it and you will attract so much abundance in your life, you will be amazed.

If you think this sounds crazy, no problem. But, I invite you to experiment and watch how your life shifts for just one week.

Where have you been receiving repeating messages? Have you been seeing repeating numbers? What do these messages mean to you? Is it a gnawing reminder that you need to create stronger boundaries? Did you "happen" to overhear a conversation where someone gave the perfect advice you needed too?

The Universe is always supporting us, guiding us and helping us out...if we listen.

The next time something keeps showing up in your life, pause and find its deeper meaning of how it could help to shift your life. If it's an animal or hummingbird, you can look up its meaning here. If it's a conversation, take the advice to heart and begin to take small steps towards that outcome. Begin to trust it and move forward.

We are supported beyond measure and, quite honestly, beyond belief.

Just experiment for one week. Listen to your signs and please share your results with us on our Facebook page. My bet is you will have some amazing stories to tell.

I can't wait to hear what messages are showing up in your life and how it has helped redirect you. I look forward to my own future post where I circle back how this messaging played out too!

Much love,

Erin Garay